“Wi-Fi Guys” Think Tank Invite Public to Fiber Optic Session

Woodstock Early Bird has seen the principals of the our latest informal wi-fi “think tank” meeting and brain-storming over the last week or so…We were also very pleased to see at least one of the “Wi-Fi Guys” taking a meeting with Loredo Sola, one of the principals of EC Fiber. Important to witness since two of the “Wi-Fi Guys” are supposed to be representing Woodstock residents as part of that fiber optic connectivity group. Now, terrific news, the public is invited to an information session next week to find out what the “Wi-Fi Guys” have figured out about bringing our little Village and Town into the 21st century — and the accompanying benefits to both current and future business:

The Woodstock Internet Caucus, formed as an informal group of concerned residents in June 2013, invites all interested residents to a public meeting at the Norman Williams Public Library on Wednesday, September 4, at 7:00pm.

Throughout the summer, we have been studying technological, regulatory and market forces that advance or impede fullest use of the Internet by business and family in our town.

The meeting will describe the current state of Internet connectivity in Woodstock, options with costs and benefits for residents, and efforts being undertaken to improve the situation.  Our ultimate connectivity goal is to have as much of Woodstock connected via high bandwidth to the Internet as possible.

There will be some discussion of why the Internet is critically important for Woodstock residents, and some future scenarios will be outlined.

EC Fiber, a municipally owned Internet service provider, will be present to talk about deployment progress among 23 towns in the region as well as investment opportunities to assist it to serve Woodstock.

 We strongly urge to you attend this meeting.


  Vince Galluccio, Peter Rousmaniere and George Sadowsky

PS. For more information contact Peter at pfr@rousmaniere.com

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  1. Hopefully this meeting won’t be limited to Wi-Fi.


  2. Posted by Molly on August 30, 2013 at 15:26

    ECFibernet has been wonderful…..and much faster than broadband.
    Just turn on computer and you’re on internet in a flash. The way to go….and is the
    only way to surf the internet. Once you have it, you never want broadband again.


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